Congratulations! WiseMind Yoga’s philosophy is open to all yogi’s to come exactly as they are in all stages and paths of your yoga journey! You may be considering as a beginner to start a yoga or meditation practice! You may be a yogi already on your physical Asana path and transforming from the outside in! You may be a yogi looking to transform beyond a physical practice, starting to do deep mental, emotional, and/or spiritual work from the outside in and the inside out…

We commend you for wanting to continue to take this quest of self discovery, inquiry, and awareness deeper! One option as part of this journey is doing "Shadow & Family of Lineage & Yoga Psychology” work and emotional healing on and off your mat. We will help each client evaluate current Behavioral, Emotional, & Thought Patterns. This approach is based on Mindfulness & Neuroscience of Yoga Psychology, Meditation, & Breath work. 

We would suggest that you set up a complimentary strategy session with WiseMind Yoga. Jennie will be happy to share her suggestions for how to take your practice & inner work to the next level. To set that up, simply click HERE.

We know stress and anxiety are very challenging and so many people deal with this on a daily basis. This is why we have created 3 Mindfulness Based Small Group Programs such as: Adult Mindfulness Meditation-Yoga-Life Management Skills, Be Your Best Friend: Teen Mindfulness, Yoga, & Self Compassion 4 Week Practical Life Skills Series & Adult DBT and YogaTM. If you'd like more information about these Mindfulness programs, we'd suggest setting up a complementary strategy session with Jennie on the best approach. To set that up, simply click HERE.

Click here for rates & packages for self-care investment and yoga psychology.

You will be able to take WiseMind Boutique classes with Jennie Wise Founder & Owner E500, RYT and the WiseMind teacher team. You may select a recurring client program to maximize your savings to take these classes OR you may do a drop in for these classes.

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