FREE LIVE One-Hour Masterclass
with Jennie Wise, MHS, E-RYT 500

Power to Transform Yoga Psychology Neuroscience
Heal Anxiety + Detox Stress

An exclusive invitation and VIP Masterclass for those who are overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, depressed, fearful, and frustrated who are looking to make a change + Special Bonuses

Wednesday, November 3, 2021
12 Noon ET | 9 AM PT | 6 PM BT


Power to Transform Yoga Psychology Neuroscience

Heal Anxiety + Detox Stress

Science-Based Practices to Help Your Students and Clients During this Unique Time

An exclusive VIP Masterclass

usually for Coaching Clients & Yoga Teacher Students ONLY

PLUS Special Bonuses

In this masterclass you'll learn:

  • How to Offer Transformation to Students On + Off the Mat
    Learn holistic mental health yoga psychology skills taking your students beyond asana to coach them off the mat. On the mat, Yoga, Mind, Body, Breath Mindfulness practices that you could bring to the classroom, yoga room, coaching practice, or therapy practice to add more value to your students and clients.
  • Take Your Power Back: Neuroscience of Change
    Teach yourself and students to take power back, and how to change any pattern even when it’s something you’ve done your entire life from stress as a habit, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, inner critic, workaholic, and more. Solve Top Pattern Challenges seen over 4000 students.
  • Stress Resilience Practical Tools form Mantra, Meditation, to Breath Practice
    Address the needs of yourself to stay grounded and your people as we are dealing with the transitions, isolation, race relations, and economic changes of this time.
  • Yoga CEO Mindset: Success with Less Stress + New Online World
    We will talk about the Yoga CEO mindset, having less stress and more success. You will learn skills like: mindfulness, stress, resilience, emotional regulation, tuning into intuition, and clarity. The psychology of success: 80% is psychology + the inner shadow work = outside results + 20% is strategy.
  • Innovative ways to Uplevel Your Practice = Teaching + Leading Through Transmission
    During these uncertain times, our students and clients need holistic mental and physical health practices now more than at any time in the world. As wellness professionals, we are thought leaders, sharing our practice experiences that have transformed our anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, healing generations of family of origin core wounds.

This Masterclass Is For...

Yoga Teachers + Entrepreneurs + Studio Owners

Who want to deepen their practice and teaching by adding soul and science to inspire their students with yoga psychology tools for mind, body, and life transformation.

Holistic Health + Wellness + Life Coaches

Who would like to add yoga, meditation & mindfulness, breathwork, neuroscience, and yoga psychology to their current offerings.

Soul CEO’S + Business Owners + Corporate Professionals

Who would like to banish burnout and overwhelm; and transform patterns of perfectionism, stress, people-pleasing, and imposter syndrome so they can embrace confidence, focus, and productivity.

Beginner To Dedicated Yoga + Meditation Students

Who want a deeper self-practice, self-discovery and a transformational journey that will help them accept their authentic self and stay calm in the chaos.


Jennie Wise, MHS, E-RYT 500

I'm hosting this FREE masterclass because I believe and have seen firsthand that yoga psychology is one of the most transformative, healing, detoxing practices we have to change lives and the world. Your students and clients are looking for extra support and tools to not only survive but also thrive during this unique, unprecedented time.

Burnout, Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia are what brought me to my mat originally going on 10 years ago. So, I’ve been there... I’ve practiced, embodied, and taught yoga for holistic mental health. Using Yoga as a tool to transform daily work-life burnout to balance, corporate career to purpose-driven transition, and stress resilience skills.

Being a lifelong student, when I learn skills to support other teacher’s expertise, I want to share them with you each time!

I’m a Yoga Psychology Neuroscience + Cognitive-Behavioral Medicine + Meditation + Mindfulness Coaching Mentor Specialist + teacher with Advanced Training in Los Angeles, CA shared with over 4000 clients and students. I have taught yoga going on 10 years. Completed a Master of Health Science (MHS) studying Behavior Change, Nutrition, Health Promotion Education, and Disease Prevention.

I’m the Founder: WiseMind Yoga Meditation Mindfulness Center, WiseMind Yoga.Science.Soul ™, WiseMind Method™, WiseMind Spiritual Warrior™, WiseMind Soul Warrior™ Yoga School fusing yoga, meditation, neuroscience, mindfulness, psychology, spirituality, stress resilience, personal development, and shadow work.

WiseMind Yoga Meditation Mindfulness Center made such lists as:

  • Cary Magazine 2019 Wellness Issue – Top Yoga Studio + Wellness Center
  • WRAL 2019 Top Rated Cary Yoga Studio on Yelp & Google

Grow your thought leadership, teaching, and business to the next level by enhancing your skills and online business model understanding how to make a bigger impact for your students right now. While being perceptive and sensitive during these remarkably chaotic times.

Grateful to be known for my authentic, inspiring, safe, healing, non-judgmental teaching style and compassion-centered based philosophy living it both on and off the mat. I seek to help others live each moment mindfully & to thrive in life by nurturing & connecting to body, mind, and soul & to step off the mat feeling balanced & grounded.

I AM inspired to cultivate and teach a sense of self-awareness that leads to behavioral change and transformation. Change begins with a journey starting point of self-awareness, discovery, and inquiry…

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Psychologist Carl Jung.

for Students who enroll & attend to the end of our LIVE Masterclass

Once you register, as a member of WiseMind Science and Soul of Success Tribe private Facebook community,
you will be treated to two special bonuses:

Bonus 1: Ready for Change Quiz:
Determine where you are in the “6 Stages of Change Model” Pre-Contemplation, Contemplation, Preparation (Determination), Action, Maintenance, Termination or Relapse to old patterns?

Are you ready for ACTION to change Samskara behavior patterns not serving you in your life and business right now in this pandemic + help students do the same?

80% of Success and Transformation = Yoga + Psychology + Neuroscience

Bonus 2: Secrets Online Growth or Transition Success
Teaching asana yoga practice, meditation, breath-work, virtual workshops/retreats, or Mastermind classes.

A behind-the-curtain view of WiseMind Yoga producing a successful online masterclass or virtual workshop from filling up registrations to taking payments to the logistics of setting up a camera, lighting, and mic.