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Meet Jennie Wise, Founder WiseMind Yoga

Her classes focus on creating a yoga practice experience of inspiration & a message or intention (Sankalpa in Sanskrit) of transformation & connecting mind, body & spirit & mindful movement of each breath being in the present moment. Yogi’s choice to start to Pray with Body, Mind, & Soul while on their mat or simply focus on the Psychology, Neuroscience & transformation catalyst of Yoga & Meditation & Pranayama. You will often hear her say we are “Retraining the Brain & creating new neuron pathways.”

On a spiritual & soulful level, her teaching practice is cultivating a preparation for life on the mat & stepping off the mat to live as best we can as a modern yogi. This includes thought-provoking meditations during the practice & incorporating Ancient yogi philosophy such as Ahimsa, non-harming with thoughts & actions. She applies ancient wisdom to our modern western world in an understandable and applicable way. She encourages growth of the spiritual, emotional, mental, & physical self. This transformation happens exponentially one Breath, Asana, & Meditation practice at a time!