Yoga Psychology

Take advantage of this 1-on-1 personalized session
designed to inspire individuals to mentally, emotionally, physically transform and heal

Yoga Psychology Mindfulness & Meditation Tribe

Join this 6-week, 75-minute series of Meditation, Yoga, Life Skills, accompanied with the support of a like-minded community & tribe seeking transformation

  • Yoga, meditation and Pranayama breathing practice to calm and balance your nervous system
  • Discussion of anxiety, fear and dysfunctional thought patterns and use of yoga to overcome these
  • An introduction to Mindful meditation
  • Emotional regulation and behavioral change and how to implement in your everyday life
  • Mindfulness, and conscious relationship communication exercises
  • Stress management, self-esteem skills exercises and much more

Beginner to Advanced Yogis Welcome! 

Group Cost Just $249 Per 6-week Program

ALL PACKAGES, SUBSCRIPTIONS & DROP-IN PURCHASES ARE FINAL. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED FOR ANY PACKAGE, SUBSCRIPTION OR DROP-IN PURCHASE. WE DO NOT PROVIDE CREDIT, REFUNDS, OR PRORATED BILLING FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS THAT ARE CANCELLED MID-MONTH. In such a circumstance, you will continue to have access to your Subscription until the end of the monthly billing cycle. WiseMind Yoga reserves the right to offer refunds, discounts or other consideration in select circumstances at its sole discretion. Please note that each circumstance is unique and election to make such an offer in one instance does not create the obligation to do so in another.

2019 Summer Series on July 30th!FREE Mindfulness & Meditation for Stress, Anxiety, & Everyday Life

Join us for a FREE 1 Hour Seminar on Tuesday, July 30th at:
6:45 PM - 8:00 PM (light hors-d'oeuvres will be served)

First 20 Clients to Register and Attend Seminar, eligible for $69 Lululemon Yoga Mat Raffle
Spaces are limited so please register!

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